Mums more fearful of flying

Fear of FlyingAs millions of British travellers prepare to fly off on their holidays, has found that mums suffer from a heightened fear of flying, with 11% of mums admitting that their fear of flying has escalated since having children.

This is despite recent assurances from The International Air Transport Association (IATA) that aircraft travel is the safest that is has ever been.

Just one per cent of fathers found that having a family had affected their feelings about flying; with an impressive 86% of men declaring that they had never been afraid to fly.

Twelve per cent of those surveyed admitted that they feel more scared of flying as they get older.

The UK’s market leader for travel add-ons also asked holidaymakers if they would pay extra to be seated close to the exit on a plane: Fifteen per cent said that they would feel much safer if sitting by the exit. A surprisingly high number – 75% claimed that they weren’t bothered about where they sat on the plane.

Anthony Clarke-Cowell, head of product innovation and development at, said: “These results are a testament to the constant improvements in many facets of air travel, from more efficient airlines to well trained crews who can deliver the highest standards of customer service and safety.”

“It’s a shame that mothers are the ones who fear holiday travel the most – Time to treat mum to an airport lounge before the flight to calm the nerves and show her she’s special?”