Intrepid holidaymakers happy to head to travel danger zones

Brits travel to danger zonesResearch by has found that almost half of UK travellers would go to a country undergoing a political crisis or natural disaster despite the obvious risks.

Twelve per cent admitted they would fly to a dangerous destination if they couldn’t get a refund while almost a quarter (23%) said they’d be prepared to risk personal safety for a business trip. A handful of adventurous (or perhaps foolish) men and women – seven per cent – claimed they would actually single out a destination like this.

Fifty-eight per cent of customers declared they wouldn’t head to a country in crisis in a million years.

“I am quite surprised at just how many travellers would be willing to put their lives at risk for an overseas stay. These poll results also show how varied our customers are. We are constantly working to develop our website and product selection to reflect their different needs, no matter what type of trip they are planning,” said Anthony Clarke Cowell,’s head of product innovation and development.

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