In-flight food still leaves a bad taste

still room for improvement

Despite airlines such as British Airways enlisting the likes of Heston Blumenthal to improve their on board meals, it seems there’s still room for improvement with only one fifth of people polled by actually liking plane food, and 14% declaring it downright ’horrible’.

In the recent customer survey, 20% admitted that they enjoy their in-flight meal as part of their holiday experience but 9% said that they always take their own food and 14% feel airline meals are horrible and they would never eat them. Women are almost three times more likely to take their own food on board in order to avoid in-flight catering (13% of women compared to 5% of men).

Nearly a third of travellers (27%) said they don’t enjoy plane food, but eat it because it’s there. The rest of us (30%) can take it or leave it.

The research also showed that 59% of holidaymakers would consider buying an alternative ready-made meal to take on their flight if there was a more appealing menu choice, it was convenient, and good value for money.

Anthony Clarke Cowell, head of product innovation and development at, said: “There’s definitely a gap in the market here – a huge proportion of UK air passengers are disgruntled with what’s served up to them on board.” offers hassle-free extras for every holiday. Visit the website or call 0800 1313 777.


Notes to editors: polled 1,901 customers during May 2011.