UK agents share best green travel tips

Jane from Co-operative Travel, Lowestoft scoops top prize

The UK’s travel agents demonstrated their green credentials in support of Make Holidays Greener Week at the beginning of July, by sending Holiday Extras their top tips for sustainable overseas travel.

Jane Wainwright of Co-operative Travel in Lowestoft came first in the competition for her caring, sharing approach – and wins a fantastic Freeloader Globetrotter solar charger to use on her travels.

“When on holiday, share your magazines with other sunbathers! You can swap them after you have read them all – including books etc so you don’t waste money and more paper – and you make friends too!”

On hearing she had won, Jane said: “As I have my touring holiday to America this September, what better way to try this wonderful product out – and its pink! It’s amazing how this product works and I’m so glad I have been given the chance to do my bit and will look forward to more people catching onto the solar freeloader idea and sharing the love for the planet.”

Andrea Clayton, head of partnerships and insurance at Holiday Extras, said: “Thanks so much to all the agents who contributed their ideas for Make Holidays Greener Week. It really is the small stuff that can make all the difference to the destinations we visit. We thought Jane’s tip was environmentally-conscious as well as very warm and appealing.”

Here are the ten best green travel tips sent in by the UK’s travel agents:

  • Share books and magazines on holiday with other travellers
  • Use reduced lathering products (toiletries)
  • Only flush the toilet in your room when necessary
  • Eat in local restaurants
  • Take local buses rather than lots of taxis
  • Remove packaging from items you are taking to reduce waste
  • Let your hair dry naturally
  • Respect local beaches and attractions
  • Save water by showering with a friend!
  • Buy local food and trips / tours