Driving pet peeves revealed by HolidayExtras.com customers

Plus summer motorway driving tips for a hassle-free journey

Family driving before a holiday
Family holiday - Drive to the airport

Despite decades of resentment and ridicule for caravans on the road, it now appears that British drivers are driven to distraction by tailgaters.

A recent survey by HolidayExtras.com, the UK’s largest add-ons company, has revealed that tailgating is the biggest problem on UK roads with almost a third (27%) of customers claiming that the trait drives them up the wall.

Women aged between 50 and 65 are most irritated by this rude driving habit (35% of this group), closely followed by men aged between 18 and 30 (31% of this group).

Other top driving gripes are middle lane hogs (19% of all customers) and drivers that don’t indicate (18%). Women aged 18 – 30 are most irritated by middle lane hogs; and 18 – 30 men are most enraged by drivers who don’t indicate and tailgaters.

Twenty-two per cent of travellers claim nothing rattles them and they are hassle-free drivers. The poll showed the calmest people on the road to be men over the age of 65 (the highest proportion of hassle-free drivers at 32%), whilst young men under 30 appear to be the most easily riled (the lowest proportion of hassle-free drivers at 13%).

Passing on the inside lane only aggravates 8% of customers whilst being stuck behind a caravan (6%) and service stations (under 1%) are lesser driving nuisances.

Anthony Clarke Cowell, head of product innovation and merchandising at HolidayExtras.com, said: “Getting out on the roads at this busy time of year can be very stressful, so preparing in advance and allowing plenty of time is the best way to go. If you’re heading off on your summer holiday for an early flight, you can book an airport hotel with parking for the night before so you won’t have to rush in the morning.”

HolidayExtras.com’s top tips for a hassle-free drive this summer

  • Plan your route beforehand, including service stations that are suitable for your needs
  • Set off in good time
  • Take plenty of water, snacks and activities (for young children) in case of delays
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses
  • Ensure you have hands-free mobile phone and other devices set up before you leave
  • Give your vehicle some summer maintenance: water, oil and other fluids, air conditioning, tyres etc
  • Bring an emergency breakdown kit
  • Remind yourself of the rules of the road – especially if you don’t usually do much driving
  • Think “good manners” on the motorway – look ahead, try to anticipate what other drivers are doing, be understanding, e.g. large vehicles need more time to manoeuvre. Remember, you might be on holiday, others are probably working!
  • Check out your local area for the cheapest fuel and ensure you have enough for your trip.

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Notes to editors

HolidayExtras.com polled 2,834 customers during August 2011.

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