Holidaying Brits escape the news…and real life

Holidaying Brits escape the news
Holidaying Brits escape the news

It seems that when Brits go on holiday they really do want to get away from it all. A recent poll by, the UK’s largest holiday add-ons provider, has revealed that half (48%) of Britons never buy a newspaper when on holiday because they want to forget about everyday life back home.

A further third (30%) will only buy a newspaper if there is a major story that they feel they should read and only 13% admitted to purchasing their usual paper as a home comfort while away.

And in spite of recent surveys revealing that the majority of holidaymakers stay connected to the web during holidays, just 9% of customers said they went online for news when away from home.

Research also showed that the British are extremely reluctant to settle back in to home life when they return from holiday; two thirds (63%) stated they wouldn’t go out of their way to check the news once back in the UK; and a further 13% admitted that it’s the last thing they do because they are trying to prolong that holiday feeling.

Less than a quarter (24%) of those polled claimed that checking the news is one of the first things they do when they return from their holidays.

Seamus McCauley, editor-in-chief at, said: “It’s interesting that the number of British holidaymakers who read a print newspaper while they’re away turns out to be pretty much the same as the number who read one at home.

“Since more than 90% of our customers avoid reading online news on holiday, and so many ignore it when they return home, it seems to me that those who do buy a paper must be looking for something other than news.” offers hassle-free extras for every holiday. To book, visit the website or call 0800 1313 777.


Notes to editors asked 5,268 customers “Do you buy a British newspaper when you’re on holiday?” and 3,459 customers “How important is it for you to check the news when you get back from holiday?” during July 2011.

*For example, ebookers survey of 2,000 people, Summer 2011; Broadband Expert survey of 842 people, Summer 2010.