Women work hard for perfect passport pic

Passport pics
How many times do you take yours?

We only show our passports to a couple of strangers a year, yet some of us go through agony getting the right photo, according to a recent HolidayExtras.com survey.

Whilst men find it easy to choose a new passport picture, getting the best image is a serious trial for women; a quarter of whom need to make multiple attempts (three or more) at getting a satisfactory pic (23%). For men it’s less than one in 10 (9%).

A quarter of women (25%) under 30 admit it may actually take between five and 10 attempts to achieve a satisfactory result at the photo booth.

For those between 31 and 49, vanity is still a key issue with 28% saying they’ll give it more than three tries before selecting a picture. Interestingly, men aged between 31 and 49 are the most vain male age group, with 20% admitting to making between three and five attempts at their passport pic.

Seamus McCauley, editor-in-chief at HolidayExtras.com, said: “Most of us may not use our passport very often, but we’re stuck with it for 10 years so I can understand why so many people want to get the right shot.”

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HolidayExtras.com polled 780 customers during August 2011.

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