Booty and booze in the skies – and a lucky charm or two!

Couple enjoying an inflight drink
Here's to a hassle-free flight!

Poll reveals UK air travellers’ bad behaviour and superstitions

Over 200,000* passengers got saucy in the plane loos last year and a further 400,000 embarrassed themselves by drinking too much, based on the results of a recent poll by, the UK’s largest travel add-ons provider.

One per cent of those surveyed by admitted to friskiness in the WC during a flight and two per cent said that they had drunk one too many and made a show of themselves whilst flying. A further six per cent of customers have delayed their flight by arriving at the boarding gate late.

The poll also revealed that we Brits are more afraid of flying than some may think, with the results indicating that more than 21 million people have used a travel ritual for good luck over the last 12 months. Ten per cent of those polled said they were superstitious enough to carry a lucky charm, wear special clothes, clap when the plane lands, practise a special departure routine or pray when flying.

Seamus McCauley, Editor-in-Chief at, commented: “That is an amazing number of people basically crossing their fingers every time they take off. It may be sheer will power keeping planes in the sky!

“And I thought the mile high club was a myth; it just goes to show, you never know what your fellow passengers are getting up to in the loo…” provides hassle-free extras for every holiday. To book, visit or call 0800 1313 777.


Notes to editors polled 2,424 customers during December 2011.

*Figure based on Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) data that 216 million passengers flew into and out of the UK last year (CAA Quarterly Aviation Trends)

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