swaps Blue Monday for ‘Happy Monday’

Happy Monday at

While the rest of the country were feeling down in the dumps, the UK’s leading travel add-ons provider were raising a smile for ‘Happy Monday’.

On the penultimate Monday of January, the team at were each handed a National Lottery scratch card. There were eleven lucky winners – including Maxine Clarke – who won a jackpot of £15!

The team were also given chocolates and other treats to keep their spirits high during the afternoon.

For those who couldn’t get through the day without feeling a little blue, the Hythe company has arranged a ‘Family Fun @ the Flicks’ night for the following evening, where a screening of Puss In Boots is bound to get people grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Matthew Pack, CEO of, said: “There’s a lot to smile about at at the moment. The team are working super hard, and small things like this can really make a difference.

“We’ve recently had a record booking day, so Happy Monday is the perfect excuse for the team to celebrate the prospect of a positive year to come.”


We take the hassle, you take the holiday…

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