Oz and the US most popular with Poms and Limeys – and the most expensive

Arizona golfing holiday

A new poll from leading travel add-ons company HolidayExtras.com has found that the USA and Australia are the two most popular destinations for Brits, despite their relatively high costs.

According to the survey, 21% of people would most like to visit the USA with a further 12% keen to explore Australia.

But they will find themselves counting their pennies afterwards as new figures from the Post Office Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer has found Australia to be the most expensive holiday destination and the USA not far behind, with popular tourist items costing almost four times more than in the cheapest holiday destination – Sri Lanka.

A mere 1% of people surveyed by HolidayExtras.com wanted to visit Bulgaria, making it the least popular holiday destination. However,  figures show Bulgaria is one of the cheapest places to go on holiday; so ideal for those looking for a budget winter break.

Five per cent of people declared that they would like to visit South America but they would need to choose their country carefully if they are watching the budget as holidaying in fashionable Brazil would cost nearly double that of the more southerly Argentina.

Seamus McCauley, Editor in Chief at HolidayExtras.com, commented: “It appears that holiday travellers would prefer to follow their dreams rather than look at financial practicalities. Long haul travel seems to be most desirable for our customers at present with almost half preferring far flung destinations – it must be the dreary European winter!”



Notes to editors:
HolidayExtras.com polled 1,598 customers in January 2012

Full poll results:

Where would you most like to visit in 2012?

Africa – 5%

Australia – 12%

Bulgaria – 1%

Cambodia – 3%

Croatia – 2%

Egypt – 7%

France – 6%

Greece – 7%

Mexico – 7%

Portugal – 6%

Spain – 18%

South America – 5%

USA – 21%


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