harnesses power of Heroku to reboot core business harnesses power of Heroku cloud PaaS rebooting core business with Heroku

UK’s market-leader for travel add-ons uses Heroku cloud PaaS to develop new website for business with annual turnover of £200 million

£1.5 million investment in hassle-free customer technology, an established, multi-million pound UK travel business, has moved to the new Heroku cloud PaaS “Cedar Stack” to drive forward development of a new leading-edge travel website.

Over five years, is investing more than £1.5 million in unique, proprietary hassle-free technology as part of its business strategy to revolutionise the way holidaymakers book their travel add-ons. The successful move to Heroku’s PaaS is a key milestone in the process.

Nilan Peiris, Chief Marketing Technology Officer at, said: “We helped more than eight million Europeans to have a hassle-free holiday last year so we’re no new kids on the block. Heroku is enabling us, a 28-year old business, to operate like a start-up, with a key strategic move to shift from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to a simple PaaS solution.

“It now takes us just three weeks to create a brand new site and minutes to iterate, providing us with a serious competitive edge and helping us to achieve our accelerated business goals.”

The new travel site will be a major departure from the traditional product-driven booking engine model and reach out to a much wider market. deploys its Ruby on Rails and Node.js code base on Heroku.

Marc Greenstock, Senior Developer at, said: “Node.js is a platform that takes JavaScript – which is typically client-side – and puts it in the realm of server-side development. Before Node.js, JavaScript was almost exclusively executed by the browser, but now we can build reusable code that will run on both sides, reducing development and maintenance times and getting to market far quicker.”

On leveraging a polyglot platform, Marc continues: “A web developer must be polyglot by nature. It is not a choice, but a requirement of the way of development. Languages come and go as do trends, and it’s choosing the right languages and trends and staying close to the development community to best enable us to leverage polyglot platforms efficiently and effectively. Heroku makes it easy for us to set up, deploy, monitor and maintain in just minutes, regardless of our choice of language.”

Anna Divers,’s Associate Customer Innovation Director, says: “Heroku is reshaping where we can spend our time, so that we can concentrate on writing code for customers rather than deal with admin and maintenance. We don’t have to manage a thing. This is a totally scalable solution, and with the ability to include third party “add-ons” such as Airbrake, Loggly and New Relic, we no longer need to write our own code. We simply pay for what we want.”

Oren Teich, Heroku’s COO, said: “We’re happy to have running on Heroku and excited that they are able to leverage the power of Heroku for their millions of vacationers.”


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