Poll reveals British drivers may be taking too many risks in winter weather

Driving in winter weather
Do we prepare enough for winter driving?

As the weather across Britain takes a much harsher turn, a new poll by HolidayExtras.com reveals that a quarter of Brits don’t take winter driving seriously, equating to nearly 8.7 million* drivers across the country.

With one in 10 (almost 3.5 million) people failing to check their car before driving in severe weather and a further 15% (5.2 million) claiming that winter conditions are not a problem for them, are Brits too complacent when it comes to driving on the roads in the colder months?

HolidayExtras.com customers cite snow and ice (45%) and reduced visibility caused by fog and rain (20%) as the worst things about winter driving.

Thankfully, the majority of British drivers are sensible when it comes to winter road safety. When asked what safety measures they take prior to winter driving, a third (32%) of those surveyed claimed to check the battery, anti-freeze levels and tyres; and a further third (31%) said that they have their car serviced before the cold weather sets in.

Matthew Pack, CEO of HolidayExtras.com, said: “Sub-zero temperatures, icy conditions and delays make driving in winter dangerous. Statistics show that a third of all road accidents are caused by bad weather. But it’s not always possible to reschedule your journey. I hope that our customers are making life safer for themselves, by getting prepared and planning ahead.”

For more winter driving tips go to holidayextras.co.uk/winter-driving-advice


Notes to editors

HolidayExtras.com polled 1,450 customers during December 2011.
*Based on estimates from the Department for Transport that there were 34.7 million licence holders in the UK in 2009

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