4-star Undercover Hotel room from £45* has a number of excellent Undercover Hotel deals at UK airports for travellers who plan ahead

Undercover with

Holiday travellers who are looking for ways to save cash would do well to book an Undercover Hotel with this spring. The market-leading travel add-ons company offers 3-star and 4-star airport hotels at special low rates.

When choosing an Undercover Hotel, the identity of the hotel remains a mystery until the booking is confirmed. All hotels are located close to the airport and all offer convenient transfers to the terminal on the day of the flight.

“Our customers can be confident when they book an Undercover Hotel deal with us that they are getting a high level of comfort and service.” says Jason Hindle, Head of Commercial at

For more information or to book visit or telephone: 0800 1313 777


Notes to editors
Example prices for June 16, 2012 – searched for April 3.
Based on a double room.

Room only: 4-star London Heathrow hotel – £59.00
Room with parking for up to 15 days: 4-star London Heathrow hotel – £109.00

Room only from £45*
Room with up to 15 days parking: 4-star London Gatwick hotel – £93.00

Room with up to 15 days parking: 4-star Birmingham Airport hotel – £65.00

Room only: 4-star Manchester Airport hotel – £55.00

Room with up to 8 days parking: 3-star London Stansted hotel – £85.00

Room with up to 15 days parking: 4-star Glasgow Airport hotel – £54.00

Prices are subject to change and availability.