Holiday Extras’ Liz Hare survives on £1 a day for malaria charity

Liz Hare with school children in Uganda
Liz Hare with school children in Uganda

Liz lives below the line to raise money and awareness for ‘Malaria No More UK’

Liz Hare, who works at the Hythe-based company, has spent the last five days living on porridge oats, rice, kidney beans, broccoli soup and eggs. Not for the fun of it – but to step into the shoes of 1.4 billion people worldwide who have no more than a pound a day to survive on.

Liz’s week of frugal living was inspired by a six-week volunteer trip to Uganda last summer. While helping in the east-African republic, Liz discovered the true scale of malaria and wanted to raise awareness of the disease, which claims 655,000 lives every year.

People from around and outside of the company supported Liz in her challenge. And so far, she has raised over £150 to donate to the charity close to her heart, Malaria No More UK.

Liz said: “I didn’t immediately recognise the huge challenge of changing my diet and living below the line. However, once I saw how little one pound can buy, I grasped just how hard it would be!

“We take such a lot for granted in our daily lives, and most of us have plenty to eat. The smaller portions, the lack of variety and the lack of nutrition was just a five-day choice for me – but for others, it’s an everyday reality.”


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Liz took part in a six-week trip last September/October with