British travellers dream of the high life

Brits rocket into space
Up, up and away...

They may be all grown up now, yet six per cent of British adults still dream of jetting into space in a rocket, while one in two (47%) would love to take off in a private jet, according to a recent survey by

The results of the poll about dream transport also revealed that 22% of travellers fantasise about a helicopter ride; and a further fifth (20%) would most like to experience travel by hot air balloon.

A glider flight was the top choice for five per cent of customers.

James Lewis, Head of Online Partnerships at, said: “Space travel will take off in the next few years. I can see people being able to book through travel agents in the future for their all-inclusive around-the-world space trip. Personally I would definitely enjoy my own private jet, but being more realistic, I can’t wait to try the new Boeing Dreamliner.”


Notes to editors polled 1,962 customers during February 2012.
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is considered the most environmentally progressive jetliner flying today, combining fuel efficiency and comfort with reduced carbon emissions.

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