Is it theft or part of the deal? Hotel pilfering uncovered!

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Which hotel goodies are up for grabs? reveals the items hotel guests can’t resist

Pocketing the fancy toiletries from your hotel room is an accepted part of your holiday, isn’t it? Not according to a whopping 58% of men polled by

As nearly half of the women (48%) surveyed by the UK’s leading travel add-ons provider admit to pilfering the smellies from their hotel, almost two thirds of men claim it is always wrong to help yourself to the contents of your room.

Many of us don’t stop at the hotel bathroom, with 6% loading up on hotel stationery and a cheeky 2% nabbing mini-jam jars from breakfast. It seems that most draw the line at the chambermaid’s trolley or fluffy bathrobes.

Matthew Pack,’s CEO, commented: “It’s very cheering to hear how principled many of our male customers are! I think I’m with the ladies on this one though. Hotels do factor in the cost of most of these items, and we are actually doing them a favour when we take branded goodies home with us.”


Notes to editors polled 928 customers during January 2012.

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