Being stranded abroad is no holiday!

Couple on island holiday
Fancy being stranded on holiday?

Everyone would welcome a few extra days on holiday, right? Not according to the results of a new poll from, which asked travellers how they would feel about being stranded on holiday.

One in three (35%) say they would not relish an unexpected extension to their stay, and that it’s the airline’s duty to get holidaymakers back home on time.

For 11% of customers, being stranded abroad is a scary prospect they wouldn’t like to experience.

Just 3% viewed it as a great opportunity to extend their holiday, while half (51%) wouldn’t mind being stuck in their holiday destination for a few days – as long as their airline was footing the bill.

James Lewis, Head of Partnerships at, said: “Most of us want our holidays to last a little longer, but the reality of being stranded overseas is another matter. It can cause people a lot of anxiety, especially if they have something important to get back home for. I’m with the majority on this one though, the longer the better!”


Notes to editors polled 2,500 customers during November 2012.

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