Brits call for airlines to cough up for delays and cancellations

Flight delays
Should airlines being paying out more in compensation to travellers?

The majority of British holidaymakers believe airlines should take more responsibility for delays and cancellations.

Nearly two thirds (63%) of travellers surveyed by believe that airlines should pay compensation to those who are affected by delays on the tarmac and flights that never take off.

Not everyone agrees that they should pocket the cash though, with 20% of customers suggesting that airlines should reinvest this money to help prevent future delays.

Seventeen per cent of people polled feel that disruption is not the direct responsibility of the airlines and is impossible to prevent.

James Lewis, Head of Online Partnerships at, said: “Common sense should prevail here; if it is a natural disaster and there is major disruption then naturally the airlines should show a willingness to compensate the customer. If it purely comes down to delayed flights or having to take a rescheduled flight, and the airline has done their best, then I think this is just something we have to accept.”


Notes to editors polled 2,497 customers during November 2012.

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