Finances improving for Brits

Beach holiday
Brits love their holidays, even when money’s tight

Second holidays back on the cards

Many Brits are no longer feeling the financial pinch, according to the results of a new poll.

Three quarters of customers recently surveyed by the add-ons specialist (75%) say they are already planning to go on two holidays during 2013.

However, there’s no more money in the pot for 11% of travellers who admit they can barely afford one holiday.

For 14%, a second holiday is considered an extravagance, has never been likely, and never will no matter how much cash is in the bank.

Anthony Clarke Cowell, Associate Merchandising Director at, said: “The UK is coming out of recession slowly and for most people it seems that once they have a bit more to spend, holidays are still a priority.”


Notes to editors polled 610 customers during November 2012.

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