Brits gear-up for winter driving conditions

winter-parkingThe latest survey of over 2,000 Holiday Extras customers asked how they prepared their cars for the wintry weather. And, it turns out that we Brits are getting wise to making the most of driving in severe weather conditions.


25 per cent of men have their car serviced in preparation for winter weather and 25 per cent of all drivers do the right thing and carry a shovel, first aid kit and drinking water in the preparation for challenging conditions.

34 per cent of men and 22 per cent of women are particularly thorough and check their battery, anti-freeze and tyres before setting out on a winter’s journey.

For the most part, car maintenance remains the man’s domain, with over a quarter of women relying on their partner to ensure that the car is in tip-top condition for coping with the cold. An intrepid five percent of drivers change to winter tyres, while a crazy seven per cent of people don’t check their car at all!

Driving too fast in severe weather is the most annoying habit, closely followed by tailgating and the misuse of fog lights.

Anthony Clarke Cowell, associate merchandising director for Holiday Extras, said: “If you’re driving to the airport, I recommend booking an airport hotel for the night before your flight or upgrading your parking to a meet and greet service. Simple measures like these can make holiday travel easier.”


Notes to editors:

 The survey information was gathered from 2,500 Holiday Extras customers at the end of January 2013.

Example prices for a hotel stay with eight days’ parking, in a family room, on Saturday, February 16 (winter 2013 half term holiday):

4-star Courtyard Marriott, London Gatwick: £97.00

3-star Comfort hotel at Heathrow: £67.00

3-star Britannia Country House, Manchester airport: £62.00

3-star Luton Airport Express by Holiday Inn: £69.00

4-star Ramada Glasgow airport: £50

3-star Holiday Inn Newcastle Airport: £62


Prices searched on February 1, for a stay on February 16, 2013. All prices are subject to change and availability.