Month: April 2013

Holiday Extras’ Ryan Charlwood on a winning streak

Caption: Ricky Stevens, driver, and Ryan Charlwood, passenger and Senior Partnerships Development Manager at Holiday Extras, cross the finishing line 3rd in the Eastern Airways British Sidecar championship at Thruxton races last weekend. Ricky & Ryan quickly got up to speed and ended the race in an impressive 3rd position, beating some big names inContinue reading

In flight Wi-Fi

Passengers oppose in-flight Wi-Fi charges

The latest survey from Holiday Extras confirms that airline passengers are not prepared to cough up any extra for a Wi-Fi service during their flight. A resounding 84% of the over four thousand travellers surveyed stated that they would rather go without than shell out more. 25% of these felt strongly that payment was inappropriateContinue reading

Parking bookings spring ahead this April

Holiday Extras’ bookings surged after Easter, with the highest booking day for airport parking since 2010. Consumers flocked to book their airport parking, taking advantage of savings of up to 60%. Matthew Pack, CEO at Holiday Extras said:  “These fantastic booking totals prove that our customers are no April fools when it comes to makingContinue reading