Parking bookings spring ahead this April

Holiday Extras’ bookings surged after Easter, with the highest booking day for airport parking since 2010. Consumers flocked to book their airport parking, taking advantage of savings of up to 60%.

Matthew Pack, CEO Holiday Extras
Matthew Pack, CEO Holiday Extras

Matthew Pack, CEO at Holiday Extras said:  “These fantastic booking totals prove that our customers are no April fools when it comes to making substantial savings for airport parking.  Also, our growing list of partners are on the ball when it comes to offering parking with every holiday booking.”

“We have a very strong team at Holiday Extras so we have been able to keep on top of this welcome upsurge. Our bookings on April 2 were double that of the last record, which was struck in September 2010.

“The rotten weather has put paid to the staycation holiday for the time being and we are looking forward to a bumper year in 2013 for airport hotels, parking and lounges.

“Additionally, our holiday insurance continues to enjoy healthy sales – including Latitude, which enables those with existing medical conditions to holiday with the right cover.”