Destination Red Carpet!

illustration by Helen Gillilan
53% said they’d avoid sitting next to Jedward on the plane

Brits inspired by celebrity travel, reveals survey by Holiday Extras

 –       Nearly a third of Brits voted Lewis Hamilton as the most travelled celeb of 2013

–       33% of Brits dream of a holiday in the Seychelles

–       ½ of Brits (49%) would sit next to Michael Palin on a plane

New research by Holiday Extras reveals that many British holidaymakers now aspire to a celebrity’s jet setter lifestyle.  The life of an A-lister is well documented in the media, with snaps of the rich and famous partying on board their luxury yachts or honeymooning on private islands. Research results show that this has rubbed off on our travel attitudes, with Brits’ dreaming of holiday destinations that are further afield than ever before – 32% fantasise about sunbathing on Caribbean shores.

When it comes to our perception of the most frequent globetrotters, sports personalities are top of the list with 29% picking Lewis Hamilton as the most well-travelled celebrity of 2013, followed closely by Andy Murray and David Beckham (both 16%).

The Holiday Extras survey identified a shift in who we see as travel trend-setters – with supermodel Naomi Campbell seen to be one of the least travelled celebs of 2013 (3%). She doesn’t appear to have registered on the public’s radar – despite her frequent trips to international fashion shows, event appearances and holiday homes.

Following the London Olympics, sports stars have shot into the travel trend-setting spotlight – Lewis Hamilton was the leader, no doubt thanks to his Formula 1 tour and being spotted with on-off girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger in LA, Switzerland, Monaco and Malaysia last year.

Whilst holidaymakers selected their destination wish list based on where The Beckhams or Rooneys were last spotted, when it came to the personality they’d like to sit next to on the plane, good conversation was ranked above showbiz-status. The majority of UK holidaymakers said that they’d prefer to sit next to national treasures Dame Judi Dench (36%) and Michael Palin (49%).  Whilst a long haul journey with the likes of today’s reality TV stars wasn’t such a popular choice, 53% said they’d avoid travelling with Jedward and 24% would steer clear of Kerry Katona.

John McCririck was polled as the least desirable travel companion of all, with more than half (54%) saying that they would give him a wide berth.

Stunning Seychelles tops holiday wish-list

The chic Italian island of Capri, once a hotspot for celeb sightings, has been knocked off the top spot in favour of more exotic shores. The stunning white beaches of the Seychelles came top of Brits’ luxury island wish list (33%). More recently this archipelago of islands has become a number one honeymoon destination, with Salma Hayek famously staying here in 2009. Brits named the Caribbean as their second favourite luxury destination (32%), perhaps craving the yachts and sea view villas of Simon Cowell and his X-Factor entourage.

Hiring a private jet to the Seychelles may not be a reality for the majority but nothing’s going to stop us daydreaming about following in the travel footsteps of the rich and famous!