25% of Brits don’t drop the diet even when they’re on holiday

Calorie counting on holidayHolidays are traditionally about letting go and enjoying a break away from the rigours of everyday life, including dieting and calorie counting.

However, recent research carried out by Holiday Extras reveals that over a quarter of Brits (26%) continue to diet while they are away.

Women are the most disciplined when it comes to keeping to a calorie counting regime on holiday 29% – compared to 23% of men who rigidly stick to a diet wherever they are.

A beach holiday or a visit to family and friends acts like a red flag for dieters, with a massive 77% of respondents admitting that they are most likely to throw caution to the wind and steadily stuff themselves under these circumstances, While 15% of men are of the opinion that all holidays offer a good opportunity to pig out.

Alternatively, the reputation of the stag and hen do for excess was contradicted in the survey, as only 12% claimed to go over the top with food and drink while enjoying a city break.

Sobriety appears to be the order of the day with the least likely candidates to overeat or drink – the British business traveller, with only 4% admitting to over-indulgence while travelling for work.

Ant Clarke Cowell, Communications Director for Holiday Extras commented: “I’m amazed that so many people have the strength of will to keep dieting on holiday. On one hand they have invested in having an easy going holiday – on the other hand they have probably already spent a good deal of time and effort in shedding the pounds. I hope that the balance has been struck for all of these dieters and that they continue to have care-free holidays.”


Results from a Holiday Extras survey of 6,262 customers in March 2015