Airport Passengers Check in on Alcohol Consumption

Credit: Professional Images/@ProfImages
Credit: Professional Images/@ProfImages

Research by Holiday Extras reveals rowdy passengers may not be who you’d expect!

As excessive drinking in airports continues to dominate this summer’s headlines, new research from Holiday Extras has today revealed that the scale of the issue may be even greater than first feared. What’s more, the identity of most the frequent floozers may come as a surprise!

The research, which involved more than 1,000 members of the public nationwide, reveals that almost half of Brits have witnessed alcohol related problems at the airport. A further one in 10 people consider excessive drinking before a flight to be far too common.

Perhaps the most surprising results to come from the poll are the profiles of passengers most likely to push the limits of a pre-trip tipple. With the majority of recent disorderly passenger reports focusing on young people enjoying stag parties and destinations such as Ibiza, it would be easy to leap to the conclusion that this age group would be most likely to drink in excess. However, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

A whopping 64% of young men aged 18 – 24 don’t drink any alcohol before a flight. What’s more, those within that age group who do drink  (26 per cent) said they limited their intake to just one pint of lager or a glass of wine.  

The slightly older demographic of young professional males aged 25 – 34 were the biggest drinkers according to the poll. One in 10 people in this age-group admitted to drinking a minimum of eight units pre-flight, that’s the best part of a bottle of wine or three pints of lager!

What’s more, while the females taking part in the survey claimed not to be drinking as much as the men; women aged over 65 admitted to consuming the most compared to any other age group for their gender. These older ladies are four times more likely to drink in excess of eight units than the average Brit (man or woman)!

Ant Clarke Cowell, Communications Director at Holiday Extras, commented: For nervous flyers, or those simply looking to treat themselves at the start of a well-deserved holiday, enjoying a drink at the airport can be part of a perfectly reasonable routine.  However, it’s clear that the small minority who drink to excess can cause discomfort for passengers around them. Many passengers may also not realise the impact of drinking at high altitudes.

“While our poll is certainly not meant to point the finger at any particular group, it’s interesting to see that the big drinkers may not fall into the demographic that many will expect. We also saw that two thirds of people abstain from drinking anything before going on holiday – so, while any incidents of disorderly behaviour do need to be tackled, it’s an issue that most of us can hopefully avoid on our next break away!”

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