Fergie fans vote for Airport accolade

Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester Airport?
Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester Airport?

Manchester residents call for footy legend to be honoured again

Sir Alex Ferguson collected many awards in his time as Manchester United manager and even in retirement the tributes just keep on coming… In a poll released today, nearly a third of Manchester residents said they would like to see Manchester International Airport renamed in his honour.     

This result was revealed in a survey commissioned by Holiday Extras, following recent reports regarding Birmingham Airport potentially being renamed Shakespeare’s Airport. Over 30 per cent of people across the Manchester area chose Fergie as the frontrunner out of a number of the city’s famous sons and daughters.

Despite being Scottish, and the number of Manchester City fans who may have voted differently, a massive proportion of Mancunians understandably hold Sir Alex in great esteem. As the longest serving manager of Manchester United, he won 38 trophies including 13 Premier League titles and two European Champions League trophies. An equal number of men and women voted for the football legend, showing just how well regarded he is in the region.

Comedian Peter Kay came a distant second with 14 per cent of the votes and 90’s indie band The Stone Roses were in third place with 11 per cent. Less popular were Happy Mondays band member Bez (five per cent) and actress Michelle Keegan (four per cent).

Fergie held particular appeal for the over 45’s age group, with 36 per cent voting in his favour. He is still popular with the younger generation but the percentage fell to 26 per cent for those aged 25-44 and to 24 per cent for the 18-24 group.

Ant Clarke Cowell, Communications Director at Holiday Extras, commented: “While we’re not aware of any plans to change the name at Manchester Airport – British treasures such as Robin Hood and Shakespeare have been used to highlight other UK airports, so we decided to explore what famous personality the people of Manchester would choose as their international icon.

”It’s not surprising that the sporting legend that is Sir Alex Ferguson came top in the survey, although we’re sure this result may cause some healthy debate with a few City fans. Whichever team you follow, however, there’s no denying that Sir Alex’s achievements at the top level are unparalleled and will probably never be surpassed so it’s great to see him recognised in this way.”



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Results from a Holiday Extras survey of 1,000 members of the public in September 2015.

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