Poet Picked in Airport Poll

image008Philip Larkin chosen as international icon to welcome increased visitors

As Hull prepares for its role as European City of Culture in 2017, and celebrates being listed in the top 10 cities to visit in 2016 by Rough Guides; Humberside residents are standing by to play an important role in welcoming increasing numbers of international visitors to the region.

With the global spotlight shining on Hull, a survey of local residents has been conducted to determine which Humber hero they would choose to raise the profile of Humberside Airport among overseas travellers.  Poet Philip Larkin was found to be the famous figure of choice, with one in six (15 per cent) calling to rename the airport in his honour.

The poll, released today by HolidayExtras.com, was commissioned following reports that Birmingham Airport could potentially be renamed Shakespeare’s Airport in the United States to appeal to a greater audience.

A former University Librarian who spent most of his working life in Hull, Larkin topped the poll in a list which included famous folk from a variety of fields. Motorist Guy Martin came a close second, with 11 per cent of votes overall, and was the top choice among men.

Pop band The Beautiful South was popular among younger female voters aged 18-34, far surpassing the success in the poll of current starlet Ella Henderson.  Meanwhile, males aged 65 plus were the most inclined to choose former MP John Prescott.

Ant Clarke Cowell, Communications Director at Holiday Extras, commented: “While we’re not aware of any plans to change the name at Humberside Airport, Robin Hood and Shakespeare have been used to highlight other UK airports within the global market. With Hull’s tourist numbers set to rise in the coming months, we decided to explore what famous personality the people of Hull and the wider Humberside region would choose as their international icon.

”Philip Larkin was one of the Nation’s favorite writers, and there are plans afoot to honour him with a memorial in Poet’s Corner at Westminster Abbey this year. Given his global reputation, and Hull’s recognition as a cultural hotspot, it’s not surprising to see Larkin topping our poll for this tourism title. As our survey shows, Philip Larkin’s work still has resonance throughout the region. It’s good to see him recognised in this way.”


Notes to editors

Results from a Holiday Extras survey of 712 Humberside residents in December 2015.