Britain’s Most Travelled Food Revealed

Hand holding a Cornish Pasty at the Beach in St. Ives in Cornwall.

From Yorkshire Tea to Cornish Pasties – Britain’s Most Travelled Food Revealed

Concerns under Brexit for the future of household food brands such as Marmite and Pot Noodle, have sparked a new poll by which reveals the foods that Brits just can’t do without on holiday.

When asked which British food and drink item has accompanied them on a trip abroad, nearly half (46 per cent) of all respondents in the nationwide survey identified Yorkshire Tea as the ultimate suitcase staple.

So a Proper Brew, appears to have struck a chord with Yorkshire’ s  holiday bound folk – with the message pouring out to the rest of the country. Walkers crisps and KitKats were second and third choice with 22 per cent and 15 per cent of the votes respectively.

For those who can’t wait until they reach their destination to tuck into their favourite treat, Mini Cheddars were revealed to be the number one choice for a home-bought in-flight snack, as chosen by 40 per cent of respondents. Jaffa Cakes and, perhaps surprisingly, Cornish pasties came a close second and third (14 per cent and 13 per cent).

Anthony Clarke-Cowell, Communications Director at Holiday Extras, said:

“Packing a favourite food or drink item to enjoy on the plane or at your chosen holiday destination can be an easy way to experience home comforts while abroad, and it’s interesting to see Yorkshire Tea is the most common supermarket item to find in a passenger’s suitcase.

“Our top tip for anyone planning to pack a snack is to think carefully about the contents and their suitability to pass security checks. Passengers do sometimes find themselves caught unawares, for example when not realising the high water content of a cooked pie or meat product. Dried foods such as Mini Cheddars are much better suited as travel companions!”

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Notes to editors

*Results based on a Consumer Survey with 488 respondents from across the UK in October 2016.