Car Park Confusion Clouds Safety Knowledge

car-parkNine out of 10 Brits surveyed were unable to identify the correct parking safety standards

Research involving more than 800 members of the public has revealed 90 per cent are unable to identify the national award given to safe and secure parking facilities.

The correct safety standard for car parking is the Park Mark®. This standard exists to safeguard millions of consumers. However, a poll* conducted by has revealed that when faced within a line-up of false certifications, nine out of 10 drivers struggle to recognise the Park Mark logo as the correct award.

Set up by Police Crime Prevention Initiatives, Park Mark is the official logo of the Safer Parking Scheme.  Over 5,000 car parks throughout the UK have achieved the standards it takes to receive the award; including parking services like airport Meet and Greet.

More than a third (37 per cent) of participants confused other invented names such as ‘The Good Parking Provider Award’ and ‘Park Like a Pro’ as being indicative of an industry standard. And this misunderstanding leaves them vulnerable to a handful of dangerous rogue traders who pose as reputable parking providers.

To achieve the Park Mark award, car parks have to be properly managed and maintained and they need to meet the requirements of an annual risk assessment conducted by the police. Drivers are advised to look for the Park Mark tick to be sure of experiencing safe and secure parking whether at the airport, hotels or train stations. provides Park Mark approved Meet and Greet parking options at airports throughout the UK. It has released the findings ahead of urging members of the public to ensure they are familiar with the Safer Parking Scheme Park Mark logo to avoid putting themselves and their vehicles at unnecessary risk.

Anthony Clarke-Cowell, Communications Director at Holiday Extras, said:

“There are thousands of safe and secured parking facilities in the UK, all fully deserving of their Park Mark award. Unfortunately, there’s also a tiny fraction of rogue traders that are misleading consumers with false claims and promise; something we strongly disagree with. We conducted our research to see just how much confusion these rogues have caused. While we were shocked to see the results, we do hope this highlights just how important it is to research your providers, and the standards they should be adhering to, in advance of booking your parking.

“Choosing a suitable parking space is a part of everyday life and to make sure that it’s a positive experience, it’s hugely important to correctly identify which sites offer trusted and secure parking facilities. Park Mark has been designed for exactly that purpose, so when you leave your car at a Park Mark car park you can do so in total confidence.”

Kelvin Reynolds, Head of the Safer Parking Scheme said: “The Safer Parking Scheme is the only one of its kind in the UK and over the past 12 years it has been successful in helping to reduce vehicle related crime in car parks and promote feelings of personal safety.  One in four car parks in the UK has the award, so it is definitely worth looking out for, and if you are in any doubt about the validity of a particular firm, car park or service, check the Park Mark award status online before your book or reach your destination at”

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*Poll was conducted through Google Survey in September 2016 with 800 respondents