Holidaying with a partner – the happiest of times

Holiday Extras’ latest poll confirms Brits’ preferred travel chums for International Day of Happiness

Almost two thirds of Brits (59 per cent) share their happiest holiday memories with their partners a survey has revealed, ahead of International Day of Happiness (20th March).

Celebrated for the laughs shared, the sights seen together and the way they bring relationships closer; getaways with a spouse or partner are more popular with men – 65 per cent of males picked holidays with partners as their happiest compared to 53 per cent of females.

According to the poll of over 2,000* Brits, conducted by travel extras specialist, happy holidays with children claimed second place (with 26 per cent of the vote) and enjoying a break with friends came in at third place (with eight per cent). One per cent of people were at their cheeriest whilst travelling with a dog.

While parents and grandparents were also cited in the survey, they were far less likely to take credit for Brits’ happiest moments, suggesting that it’s recent retreats that form the nation’s warmest memories rather than a nostalgic getaway.

Ant Clarke Cowell, Communications Director at Holiday Extras, said: “We were expecting to see slightly more diverse results from this poll but it seems that partners are the top companion choice for a happy holiday. Interestingly, only five per cent of those polled put this down to a milestone moment such as an engagement or honeymoon. Instead, it was the opportunity to share laughs and experiences, along with a chance to reconnect that made for the best holiday.

“Whether you’re looking for happiness, adventure or relaxation on your next holiday, it’s worth perfecting your travel plans and picking the perfect companion. When all the elements of a holiday are taken into consideration you’re sure to travel better”  

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*Holiday Extras polled 2,005 respondents in the UK in March 2017.