‘The Big Yin’ Wins Runway vote

Glasgow residents call for airport to be renamed in Billy Connolly’s honour

Billy Connolly, The Big Yin, has been named as the celebrity that most local residents would pick to further raise the profile of Glasgow International Airport.

Other UK airports have chosen to honour their homegrown celebrities by naming an airport after them and this survey, conducted by HolidayExtras.com, asked Glaswegians who they would choose if that opportunity arose at Glasgow airport. The findings revealed that it was the hilarious comedian who can now add this airport naming vote to a long list of the public’s appreciation.

Famed for his beard, big hair and banana boots, Billy Connolly stormed the polls with a whopping 56 per cent of the vote, firmly announcing his place in the hearts of the Scots. Fellow funnyman and actor, Stanley Baxter came in second, with 11 per cent of the overall votes, and daytime TV favourite Lorraine Kelly followed with eight per cent.

Connolly, who is as well respected for his acting as he is for his comedy, has appeared in a number of films ranging from Muppet, Treasure Island to The last Samurai and he also had success in the past as a singer with the Scottish folk band The Humblebums – making him a triple treat in the entertainment world.

Ant Clarke Cowell, Communications Director at Holiday Extras, commented: “Whilst we don’t believe that Glasgow Airport will be changing its name anytime soon, we think ‘Glasgow Billy Connolly Airport’ has a great ring to it and we weren’t surprised to see him taking this poll by storm! Billy Connolly has delivered the biggest laughs over the years and we hope this news brings a big smile to his face.”

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*The survey was completed with 500 Glaswegian residents, on 9th March 2017, using Google Surveys.