Half of British Holidaymakers Choose Safety over Speed

Security and passport control Following recent news that digital scanners may replace manual airport security checks at UK airports, a poll released today reveals that 47 per cent of the UK public are against the idea and would prefer to brave the queues.

From the 14,000* people polled by travel extras specialists HolidayExtras.com, 32 per cent of Brits admitted that they have had to wait up to 45 minutes to get through security at the airport, with nearly half of those questioned (47 per cent) highlighting that their safety is ultimately favoured over speediness.

For a quarter of people (26 per cent), the introduction of recognition scanners at airports would not be trusted –  they feel that security is too important to leave to technology.  A further 11 per cent also put their faith in the manual checks.

Ant Clarke Cowell, Communications Director at Holiday Extras said “Continued technological innovations are imperative to improve the way we travel. However,  it seems that the uncertainty surrounding digital scanner means that people would prefer to stick with what they know. If this new technology isn’t introduced and the Great British queuing continues, Holiday Extras provides fast-track pass options that help to speed up the process.”

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*Research by Holiday Extras completed with 14,954* people in July 2017.