Holiday Extras Visit The Travel Foundation’s projects in Turkey

Caroline and Abigail from Holiday Extras travelled to Fethiye with Sabina from Girl vs Globe to learn more about the Travel Foundation’s projects

To mark the the UN’s ‘Year of Sustainable Tourism’ and the £350,000 raised by generous Holiday Extras’ customers for  the Travel Foundation over the last six years –   Caroline Adams and Abigail Stephenson from Holiday Extras travelled to Fethiye, Turkey with Girl vs Globe’s Sabina,  to learn more about the the Travel Foundation’s projects,  Taste of Fethiye and Blue Wave.

The trip began with a visit to a local farm and some hotels that are involved in Taste of Fethiye. Twenty four hotels have sourced food locally via the project and the local farmers have achieved a revenue uplift of 24% with fruit and veg sales now exceeding £1million per annum.*

Caroline, Abigail and Sabina also learned about the  Blue Wave project,  which aims to raise awareness of the effect of marine tourism on the environment. With marine tourism in the Mugla region increasing, the importance of protecting these areas is paramount.

To reach out to tourists and the travel industry, the Travel Foundation has been, among other things, explaining the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling plastic onboard cruise ships in the region.

Caroline Adams, Social Media Executive for Holiday Extras commented: ”Our customers raised £97,000 for the Travel Foundation last year – so we decided to see first-hand what that money has helped to achieve. We have learned so much during our trip to Fethiye and I’m really looking forward to knowing more about the exciting projects that the Travel Foundation run worldwide.”

Salli Felton, CEO of The Travel Foundation commented: “It’s through the generosity of partners like Holiday Extras that we are able to work towards changing tourism for the better. A small donation of 99p a booking makes a huge impact – changing lives and making travel better, for everyone.

“A big thanks to Holiday Extras customers for their help over the years and we hope that we can count on their continued support.”



Notes to Editors

*The Taste of Fethiye project ran for five years with the Travel Foundation and has now been handed over to FETAV (Fethiye Tourism Education, Environment and Cultural Promotion).


To learn more about the projects or donate to the Travel Foundation, visit


Videos on the projects will be released on ‘Holiday Extras Travel Guides’  Youtube channel, and Facebook page in the next few weeks.