The Travel Foundation visits Holiday Extras

Caroline Adams, (left) and Graeme Jackson (centre), with some of the Holiday Extras team who are delighted with their gifts of Mexican hand-made soap.

Travel company Holiday Extras has supported the Travel Foundation over the last six years with a massive £350,000 raised by generous Holiday Extras’ customers for the charity during that time.

This week Graeme Jackson head of partnerships, with the Travel Foundation, visited Holiday Extras to speak to the team about the projects already supported and about future support at holidays destinations around the world.

Everyone who attended the talk was given a bar of natural honey and papaya soap made by the Much Kaab women’s cooperative in Mexico – who have been supported by the Travel Foundation to increase economic, social and cultural benefits to the Much Kaab Honey Cooperative and their families.

The Holiday Extras team were also treated to a mouth-watering world food themed barbeque which was organised by the Travel Foundation and was universally appreciated!

Caroline Adams, social media executive for Holiday Extras, who recently travelled to Fethiye, Turkey to learn more about the the Travel Foundation’s projects,  said: ”The Travel Foundation have many exciting activities worldwide that help travellers to bring greater benefits for people and the environment at holiday destinations – today was a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about what our customer contributions have achieved.”

Graeme Jackson commented: “It’s through the generosity of partners like Holiday Extras that we are able to work towards changing tourism for the better. A small donation of 99p a booking makes a huge impact – changing lives and making travel better, for everyone.

“A big thanks to Holiday Extras customers for their help over the years and we hope that we can count on their continued support. “



Notes to Editors

To learn more about the projects or donate to the Travel Foundation, visit


Videos on the projects will be released on ‘Holiday Extras Travel Guides’  Youtube channel, and Facebook page in the next few weeks.