Airline Space Invaders are the Biggest Bother

Over a third of Brits admit that fellow airline passengers who recline their seats too far back are the most likely to cause annoyance.

In the survey of nearly 5,000 people*, 37 per cent regarded selfish passengers who reclined their seats too much as the biggest irritation, with travellers who kick the back of the seat coming in second.  A whopping 85 per cent admitted that they would most likely make a complaint if someone did persistently kick their seat.

Over a fifth of people declared that 15 minutes of seat kicking would be their limit before they made a complaint,  with just over a quarter admitting that it would only take a couple of minutes before they would draw attention to it.  Twenty nine per cent of people would take matters into their own hands by complaining to the individual rather than to cabin crew, and six per cent said that they would prefer to deal with the problem themselves with a seat-kicking child.

Commenting on the findings, Ant Clarke-Cowell at Holiday Extras said: “I think most of us would regard ourselves as fairly tolerant, but this survey shows that everyone has a tipping point. You want to enjoy everything on holiday – from the airport to the destination, so it’s understandable that unsociable in-air antics can be irritating. When confronted with other people’s unacceptable habits on the plane – console yourself with the knowledge that sunshine and relaxation are just around the corner!!”

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*Research by Holiday Extras completed with 4,975 people in August 2017