Brits are backing responsible tourism

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According to new research, 79 per cent of UK holidaymakers think that responsible tourism should be at the heart of tour operators and travel firms’ plans for the future.

The survey of more than 2,000* people conducted by leading travel extras specialist, is released at the same time as the effects of plastics on the environment has come into sharp focus, leading to further questions about how travel companies could help to make the impact of tourism as positive as possible on the people and environments of holiday destinations.

A third of those polled said that they expect travel companies to lead the way for consumers to take an eco-friendly holidays; with a quarter (24 per cent) believing they should be giving back to the communities and local areas they travel to. A fifth (19 per cent) declared  that travel companies should be actively encouraging consumers to holiday in a sustainable way.

Leading industry body, ABTA, forecasted that Responsible Tourism would become a significant travel trend for 2018 – and that looks set to happen; as almost half (45 per cent) of holidaymakers, who were polled, pledged to pay a little extra for their holidays if they were proven to be eco-friendly.  Of those that said they’d pay more, 42 per cent said that it is important to support the environment and communities at top travel destinations. More than a third (36 per cent) felt that travel should not have negative consequences.

Commenting on the research, Ant Clarke Cowell at Holiday Extras said: “Responsible tourism looks set to become a hot topic in 2018… and in future. As pressure mounts from holidaymakers, we expect that more travel companies will pledge to minimise the impact of tourism on the communities and the environment.

“Holiday Extras supports the Travel Foundation, which runs projects at high-volume tourist resorts designed to grow local economies, value culture and promote conservation.”

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*Survey completed in January 2018 with 2,229 respondents.