Brits need a Digital Detox on holiday

Digital detoxAlmost a third (29 per cent) of holidaymakers from the UK believe they need to take a digital detox holiday in 2018, according to recent research.

The survey of more than 2,000* people, one in ten (nine per cent) of those who thought that it might be a good idea to go completely offline on holiday, said they thought that it might reduce their stress levels – while 15 per cent reckoned that there might be additional health benefits if the went cold turkey. A further five per cent said they could use a digital detox break because they spent far too much time on their devices.

The research comes as forecasts predict digital detoxes to be one of the biggest travel trends of the year, allowing holidaymakers to use a getaway to disconnect from their day-to-day lives and properly recharge their batteries.

However, some holidaymakers were skeptical about the benefits of a digital detox, with almost one third (30 per cent) declaring no positives from going offline. A fifth of those surveyed (21 per cent) said that storing  important holiday documents on devices had become second nature, and one in ten said that the apps they used were essential to the smooth run of the holiday. Only one in ten said that they did not need any electronic devices on holiday.

Commenting on the research, Ant Clarke Cowell said: “There would undoubtedly be benefits if we  could switch off and use holiday time as an opportunity for a  digital detox. This isn’t a concept that would appeal to everyone. However,  there’s no denying that embracing life offline, particularly not checking work emails,  can help to enhance the relaxation and sense of wellbeing while on holiday.”

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*Survey completed in January 2018 with 2,182 respondents.