‘Eye Spy’ More Holiday Tech

From advanced airport parking technology to helpful mobile apps, UK holidaymakers are looking to technology for stress free holidays.

Almost one in five (17%)₁ of travellers would like to have their car hooked up to a webcam while they are away on holiday, according to new research released by travel extras specialist HolidayExtras.com today.

The research, completed to mark the launch of the travel brand’s innovative travel app, HEHA!,  highlights just how holidaymakers use technology to enhance their breaks, including the tech they value most and which future innovations would make getting away even more enjoyable.

From state-of-the-art airport parking, to electric cars and handy mobile apps; Britain’s holidaymakers are embracing smart technology and recent surveys have discovered that they are eager for more!

Alongside the fifth of holidaymakers that would prefer to keep an eye on their car during their holiday, more than a quarter of those quizzed (27%)₁ claimed that they would feel more at ease if technology enabled them to reserve a specific parking space for their vehicle.  

When travellers were asked what technology they use most on holiday, an overwhelming 75%₁ declared that they relied on Google Maps to get around, ditching paper maps for the digital alternative. Other popular apps included Citymapper and XE Currency.

HEHA!, Holiday Extras’ new app is designed to help travellers have fun planning their trips together, whilst keeping those all-important travel documents in one place. Anna Drivers, Product Director at Holiday Extras said: “We are excited to have launched HEHA! to the market and we’re continually developing the app to make it as useful and beneficial to holidaymakers as possible. Our most recent release features an AR view for iPhone; allowing users to see where their destination stops and itinerary items are situated in relation to their current location – just by holding up their phone and moving it around them.”

Though consumers in the UK are increasing their use of holiday technology by leaps and bounds, one technological advancement they’re not keen on is the electric car – with 70%₂ of holidaymakers claiming they wouldn’t consider using one, citing high costs (39%) and few places to charge them in the UK (28%) being the key barriers to acceptance. However, nearly half (46%)₃ of travellers do recognise the benefits of using an electric car; suggesting that whilst the UK has welcomed consumer smart tech with open arms, it may have a way to go before adopting more high-investment innovations.

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₁Survey completed in March 2018 with 1467 respondents.

₂Survey completed in March 2018 with 1497 respondents.

₃Survey completed in March 2018 with 2501 respondents.