Harry Reigns as Castaway Companion for Brits

Prince Harry is the Royal most Brits would like to be stranded on a desert island with, a study* has found today. The research with over 2,500 adults across the UK revealed that almost half (43 per cent) would chose to be shipwrecked with Harry ahead of his brother and sister-in-law William and Kate. In

Paul O’Grady Tops Travel Companion Poll

  Forget Keith Lemon, Olly Murs and Sandi Toksvig, the British celebrity that the nation want to holiday the most with is… Paul O’Grady! In the survey of more than 1,000* people conducted by leading travel extras specialist HolidayExtras.com, the poll shows that this national treasure was the most sought-after celebrity for people looking to

responsible tourism poll

Brits are backing responsible tourism

According to new research, 79 per cent of UK holidaymakers think that responsible tourism should be at the heart of tour operators and travel firms’ plans for the future. The survey of more than 2,000* people conducted by leading travel extras specialist HolidayExtras.com, is released at the same time as the effects of plastics on

Digital detox

Brits need a Digital Detox on holiday

Almost a third (29 per cent) of holidaymakers from the UK believe they need to take a digital detox holiday in 2018, according to recent research. The  HolidayExtras.com survey of more than 2,000* people, one in ten (nine per cent) of those who thought that it might be a good idea to go completely offline on

Brits Holidaying Habits Revealed

Nearly half of Brits favour long-haul holidays 40 per cent opt for two-week getaways Spain remains staple holiday destination for Brits As we enter the New Year and spend January planning and booking our next trips, new research reveals exactly the kind of breaks that holidaymakers will be taking this year. The research, undertaken by

Brits’ Favourite Holiday Books Revealed

The nation’s favourite read has been named as Jane Austen’s classic, Pride and Prejudice, in a poll* of over 7,000 people released today after receiving over a quarter (26 per cent) of votes. The research, undertaken by travel specialists Holiday Extras, revealed that over half of us (57 per cent) read three or more books

Airline Space Invaders are the Biggest Bother

Over a third of Brits admit that fellow airline passengers who recline their seats too far back are the most likely to cause annoyance. In the HolidayExtras.com survey of nearly 5,000 people*, 37 per cent regarded selfish passengers who reclined their seats too much as the biggest irritation, with travellers who kick the back of

Brits Vote to Fine Boozed-up Aircraft Boarders

Nearly all of UK holidaymakers (95 per cent) think that drunk airline passengers should be fined for unruly behaviour onboard. Research from a poll of over 3,000 people undertaken by travel specialists, Holiday Extras*, has revealed that only 5 per cent of people think that drunk passengers should be exempt from fines, with nearly half

Travellers Agree on Airline Nuts Ban

–    65 per cent of Brits agree with the move to ban nuts on airlines –    43 per cent call for all airlines to become allergen free –    10 per cent vote for stringent training for cabin crews Following recent news about the call to ban nuts on airlines, a survey released

Brits Call for Penalties for Late Boarders

Holidaymakers flying from UK airports have no time for latecomers this summer, according to research released today. Over a third (39 per cent) of Brits state that late-boarders are so infuriating that they deserve some form of penalty. In the survey of more than 4,500* people by the travel extras specialist HolidayExtras.com, more than one