Family driving before a holiday

Driving pet peeves revealed by HolidayExtras.com customers

Plus summer motorway driving tips for a hassle-free journey Despite decades of resentment and ridicule for caravans on the road, it now appears that British drivers are driven to distraction by tailgaters. A recent survey by HolidayExtras.com, the UK’s largest add-ons company, has revealed that tailgating is the biggest problem on UK roads with almostContinue reading

Holidaying Brits escape the news

Holidaying Brits escape the news…and real life

It seems that when Brits go on holiday they really do want to get away from it all. A recent poll by HolidayExtras.com, the UK’s largest holiday add-ons provider, has revealed that half (48%) of Britons never buy a newspaper when on holiday because they want to forget about everyday life back home. A furtherContinue reading

Beach holiday

UK travellers against tourist eco-tax

Despite the rise in eco-tourism and increasing concerns over our carbon footprint, it seems that we Brits are not prepared to pay a premium to help conserve the destinations we visit on holiday. In a recent poll by HolidayExtras.com, the UK’s largest travel add-ons provider, revealed that a massive 70% of travellers do not believeContinue reading

In-flight food still leaves a bad taste

Despite airlines such as British Airways enlisting the likes of Heston Blumenthal to improve their on board meals, it seems there’s still room for improvement with only one fifth of people polled by HolidayExtras.com actually liking plane food, and 14% declaring it downright ’horrible’. In the recent customer survey, 20% admitted that they enjoy theirContinue reading

Sandwiches and cold meat best beach picnic food

The humble sandwich tops beach picnic list

HolidayExtras.com research has revealed that beach picnics are a strictly English affair for a third of Brits. When asked what is the most important item for a beach picnic, over a quarter of customers (26%) opted for traditional sandwiches (such as egg and cress). A further 10% said meaty British snacks including pork pies andContinue reading

Couple on island holiday

To love and to cherish – as long as it's on a beach

Forget love, honour and obey – all British people want from their first days of married life is sun, sea and sand. A massive 56 per cent of those asked what their dream honeymoon destination would be by HolidayExtras.com chose a secluded beach and it most definitely had to be abroad. The beach particularly appealedContinue reading