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Brits defy hosepipe ban

Mind your own hosepipe! Brits won’t snitch

When it comes to the hosepipe ban, Brits mind their own business. In a recent survey from leading add-ons provider HolidayExtras.com, a huge 84% of people said if they saw their neighbour breaking the ban they wouldn’t report them as the Environment Agency urges. In addition, nearly a quarter of those polled said they fullyContinue reading

Couple enjoying an inflight drink

Booty and booze in the skies – and a lucky charm or two!

Poll reveals UK air travellers’ bad behaviour and superstitions Over 200,000* passengers got saucy in the plane loos last year and a further 400,000 embarrassed themselves by drinking too much, based on the results of a recent poll by HolidayExtras.com, the UK’s largest travel add-ons provider. One per cent of those surveyed by HolidayExtras.com admittedContinue reading

Holidaying Brits escape the news

Holidaying Brits escape the news…and real life

It seems that when Brits go on holiday they really do want to get away from it all. A recent poll by HolidayExtras.com, the UK’s largest holiday add-ons provider, has revealed that half (48%) of Britons never buy a newspaper when on holiday because they want to forget about everyday life back home. A furtherContinue reading