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Beach holiday

Finances improving for Brits

Second holidays back on the cards Many Brits are no longer feeling the financial pinch, according to the results of a new HolidayExtras.com poll. Three quarters of customers recently surveyed by the add-ons specialist (75%) say they are already planning to go on two holidays during 2013. However, there’s no more money in the pot

Brits search for travel deals online

Brits driven purely by price when choosing holiday destinations

A huge 61% of Brits say they select their holiday by searching online for the best deals, a new poll reveals. Gone are the days when we would seek out the most exotic locations from glossy brochures, Brits now go wherever is cheapest – and most find it online. Seventeen per cent of HolidayExtras.com customers

Couple on island holiday

Being stranded abroad is no holiday!

Everyone would welcome a few extra days on holiday, right? Not according to the results of a new poll from HolidayExtras.com, which asked travellers how they would feel about being stranded on holiday. One in three (35%) say they would not relish an unexpected extension to their stay, and that it’s the airline’s duty to

Christmas gifts

All I want for Christmas is…a holiday!

Brits shun traditional Christmas gifts A new survey has revealed that more than one in two Brits would rather spend money on a holiday with their partner than on frivolous festive presents this year. With household budgets still tight, the pile of presents under the Christmas tree will be much smaller for 56% of HolidayExtras.com

Holiday parking

British holiday-makers find travel increasingly stressful

Travel is getting more stressful, according to the results of a new poll from HolidayExtras.com. A massive 86% of holiday-makers say that the journey is the most stressful part of their holiday, a rise of 13% in three years.* Other factors such as language or cultural differences (7%), arriving in a strange place (5%) and

Brits rocket into space

British travellers dream of the high life

They may be all grown up now, yet six per cent of British adults still dream of jetting into space in a rocket, while one in two (47%) would love to take off in a private jet, according to a recent survey by HolidayExtras.com. The results of the poll about dream transport also revealed that

St Pancras Olympics 2012

Olympic flame isn’t setting the UK alight

95% of British people will be able to see the flame when it tours the UK…but do they care? With the Olympic Torch arriving in the UK at the end of the week, a poll carried out by the country’s largest add-ons provider, HolidayExtras.com, has revealed that over a quarter (26%) of Brits have no

Chaos at the airport

Chaos at the airport

The majority of travellers (40%) don’t want to be held up for more than half an hour passing through check-in and airport security, according to the results of a new poll from travel add-ons specialist HolidayExtras.com. The survey also reveals that a further 25% of holidaymakers are not happy to be kept waiting longer than

Security during London Olympics 2012

Keep calm and carry on

Brits undaunted by security concerns as Exercise Olympic Guardian begins A massive 37% of Brits believe that the Government is taking all necessary steps to ensure their safety during the Olympics, a new poll by HolidayExtras.com has revealed. As details of the latest Olympic security exercise are announced, the UK’s market-leading travel add-ons company has

Overweight air traveller

Too fat to fly?

Air passengers call for excess body weight to be taxed When it comes to excess weight on a plane, Brits think we should all pay our fair share, and with body weight affecting fuel consumption in the same way as excess baggage, it’s not surprising travellers want a ‘fat tax’. In a new poll from