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Luxury airport hotels from £40 a night

Savvy travellers get the best for less with HolidayExtras.com  Consumers keen to cut the cost of their holiday – without compromising on quality – could consider an Undercover airport hotel deal next time they travel. HolidayExtras.com’s Undercover hotels offer holidaymakers a guaranteed saving on the price they’d usually pay. Customers who book one of these

Undercover Hotels

Undercover airport hotels: luxury from £46.50

HolidayExtras.com announces some super deals for the summer Holidaymakers can luxuriate at a four-star hotel for less when they book an Undercover deal with HolidayExtras.com. The identity of the Undercover hotel remains a mystery until the booking is confirmed, but the offer lets holiday travellers make a guaranteed saving on its original price. All hotels

Undercover Hotels

Undercover Hotels offer fantastic value for cash-strapped holiday travellers

HolidayExtras.com has a number of excellent Undercover Hotel deals at UK airports Holiday travellers who are looking for ways to save cash would do well to book an Undercover Hotel with HolidayExtras.com this winter. The market-leading travel add-ons.company offers 3-star and 4-star airport hotels at special low rates. When choosing an Undercover Hotel, the identity